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📙 The Blackwell Companion to Globalization by George Ritzer (ed.) — download pdf

This companion features original essays on the complexity of globalization and its diverse and sometimes conflicting effects. Written by top scholars in the field, it offers a nuanced and detailed examination of globalization that includes both positive and critical evaluations.
  • Introduces the major players, theories, and methodologies
  • Explores the major areas of impact, including the environment, cities, outsourcing, consumerism, global media, politics, religion, and public health
  • Addresses the foremost concerns of global inequality, corruption, international terrorism, war, and the future of globalization
  • Wide-ranging and comprehensive, an excellent text for undergraduate and graduate students in a range of disciplines
Chapter 1 Globalization in Hard Times: Contention in the Academy and Beyond (pages 29–53): Anthony McGrew
Chapter 2 What is Globalization? (pages 54–66): Roland Robertson and Kathleen E. White
Chapter 3 The Cultural Construction of Neoliberal Globalization (pages 67–83): Robert J. Antonio
Chapter 4 Globalization: The Major Players (pages 84–102): George M. Thomas
Chapter 5 Globalization Today (pages 103–124): John Boli and Velina Petrova
Chapter 6 Theories of Globalization (pages 125–143): William I. Robinson
Chapter 7 Studying Globalization: Methodological Issues (pages 144–161): Salvatore Babones
Chapter 8 Cosmopolitanism: A Critical Theory for the Twenty?First Century (pages 162–176): Ulrich Beck
Chapter 9 The End of Globalization? The Implications of Migration for State, Society and Economy (pages 201–215): Subhrajit Guhathakurta, David Jacobson and Nicholas C. DelSordi
Chapter 10 Globalization and the Agrarian World (pages 216–238): Philip McMichael
Chapter 11 Globalization and the Environment (pages 239–253): Steve Yearley
Chapter 12 Cities and Globalization (pages 254–271): Michael Timberlake and Xiulian Ma
Chapter 13 The Sociology of Global Organizations (pages 272–290): Stewart Clegg and Chris Carter
Chapter 14 Economic Globalization: Corporations (pages 291–306): Peter Dicken
Chapter 15 Outsourcing: Globalization and Beyond (pages 307–329): George Ritzer and Craig Lair
Chapter 16 Globalization and Consumer Culture (pages 330–351): Douglas J. Goodman
Chapter 17 Cultural Globalization (pages 352–366): John Tomlinson
Chapter 18 Globalization and Ideology (pages 367–382): Manfred B. Steger
Chapter 19 Media and Globalization (pages 383–395): Douglas Kellner and Clayton Pierce
Chapter 20 Globalization and Information and Communications Technologies: The Case of War (pages 396–413): Howard Tumber and Frank Webster
Chapter 21 Political Globalization (pages 414–428): Gerard Delanty and Chris Rumford
Chapter 22 Globalization and Public Policy (pages 429–443): Tim Blackman
Chapter 23 Religion and Globalization (pages 444–460): Peter Beyer
Chapter 24 Globalization and Higher Education (pages 461–477): Peter Manicas
Chapter 25 Sport and Globalization (pages 478–497): David L. Andrews and Andrew D. Grainger
Chapter 26 The Fate of the Local (pages 498–515): Melissa L. Caldwell and Eriberto P. Lozada
Chapter 27 Public Health in a Globalizing World: Challenges and Opportunities (pages 516–538): Farnoosh Hashemian and Derek Yach
Chapter 28 Globalization and Global Inequalities: Recent Trends (pages 549–564): Glenn Firebaugh and Brian Goesling
Chapter 29 World Inequality in the Twenty?First Century: Patterns and Tendencies (pages 565–592): Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz and Timothy Patrick Moran
Chapter 30 Globalization and Corruption (pages 593–609): Carolyn Warner
Chapter 31 Globalization and Sexuality (pages 610–629): Kathryn Farr
Chapter 32 War in the Era of Economic Globalization (pages 630–643): Gerald Schneider
Chapter 33 Globalization and International Terrorism (pages 644–661): Gus Martin
Chapter 34 Resisting Globalization (pages 662–674): Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner
Chapter 35 The Futures of Globalization (pages 675–692): Bryan S. Turner

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