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Spirituality and Psychiatry by Chris Cook, Chris Cook, Andrew Powell, Andrew Simms — Free book

Spirituality is a crucial but sometimes overlooked aspect of mental well-being.
Explores the nature of spirituality, its relationship to religion, and the reasons for its importance in psychiatric clinical practice.
A comprehensive and evidence-based text.
Different chapters focus on the key sub-specialities of psychiatry.
Contains references to up to date research and a review of the relevant academic literature.
Contributors include renowned psychiatrists, four Reverends and a service user.

Table Of Contents

Preface Spirituality and Psychiatry SIG of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Spirituality and psychiatry
Assessing spiritual needs
Spirituality and psychosis
Spirituality and suicide
Spiritual aspects of child and adolescent psychiatry
Spirituality and psychotherapy
Spirituality and learning disability
Spirituality and substance misuse
The neuroscience of spirituality
Spirituality and pastoral care in the NHS
The transpersonal perspective
Religion and religious experiences
Pathological spirituality
Spirituality and ageing

Also available:

Mindreadings: Literature and Psychiatry - ISBN 1904671608
Where There Is No Psychiatrist: A Mental Health Care Manual - ISBN 1901242757

RCPsych Publications is the publishing arm of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (based in London, United Kingdom), which has been promoting excellence in mental health care since 1841. Produced by the same editorial team who publish The British Journal of Psychiatry, they sell books for both psychiatrists and other mental health professionals; and also many written for the general public. Their popular series include the College Seminars Series, the NICE mental health guidelines and the Books Beyond Words series for people with intellectual disabilities.

RCPsych publishes in all areas of psychiatry and mental health, including but not limited to:
Clinical psychiatric practice
Intellectual disability
Mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly
Rehabilitation psychiatry
Family mental health
Service provision

RCPsych Publications books can help with the following disorders:
Affective disorders
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Borderline personality disorder
Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
Eating disorders
Perinatal psychiatric disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Sleep problems

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