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📙 Pichia Protocols by James M. Cregg (ed.) — pdf free

The use of Pichia Pastoris as a recombinant protein system has increased greatly in popularity over the years. In Pichia Protocols 2nd Edition, the author focuses on new information that has come to light in recent years but repeats key basic methods so that researchers are not absolutely dependent on having both editions in order to utilize the system. The chapters in this indispensable laboratory aid cover a wide range of topics associated with Pichia Pastoris. The use of fermentors to grow Pichia Pastoris and good advice on how to go about the initial processing of material from these cultures is discussed. An extensive discussion on how to formally analyze mutations in essential P. pastoris genes is also presented. The final chapters are for cell biologists who are for cell biologists using the Pichia Pastoris system to investigate protein interactions, or to localize proteins in yeast cells. Pichia Protocols 2nd Edition, is an essential tool for researchers working with the Pichia Pastoris system

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