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📙 Phonology by Philip Carr (auth.) — download pdf

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The Syntax-Phonology Interface in Focus and Topic Constructions in Italian
The Syntax-Phonology Interface in Focus and Topic Constructions in Italian download pdf by Mara Frascarelli (auth.)

From the reviews:"The analysis of the relevance Focus and Topic constructions from both the prosodic and syntactic perspective makes an innovative contribution to the literature on the interface between syntax and phonology, and, specifically, to the lite...

Morphology, Phonology, and Aphasia
Morphology, Phonology, and Aphasia free pdf by Alfonso Caramazza, Gabriele Miceli (auth.), Jean-Luc Nespoulous, Pierre Villiard (eds.)

Neuropsycholinguistics - the interaction between linguistics, psycholinguistics, and aphasiology - has, over the past two decades, established itself as a multidisciplinary science worthy of its recent attention in Drs. Nespoulous and Villiard's Morpholog...

Phonological Processes and Brain Mechanisms
Phonological Processes and Brain Mechanisms download pdf by Harvey M. Sussman (auth.), Harry A. Whitaker (eds.)

Phonological Processes and Brain Mechanisms reviews selective neurolinguistic research relating brain structures to phonology. The studies in the volume report on a number of timely and important topics, such as a neuronal model for processing segmental p...

Studies in Lexical Phonology. Lexical Phonology
Studies in Lexical Phonology. Lexical Phonology free download by Stephen Anderson, Patricia Keating, Sharon Hargus, Ellen M. Kaisse, Stephen R. Anderson, Patricia A. Keating

Lexical Phonology, written by leading researchers in the field, provides an overarching theoretical structure for the relationship between lexical phonology and historical linguistics. Through a compilation of 15 articles, the text covers the major opinio...

Phonology in Context
Phonology in Context free epub by Martha C. Pennington (eds.)

Phonology in Context takes a fresh look at phonology in a range of real-world contexts that go beyond traditional concerns and challenge existing assumptions and practices. It brings together research and theory from a range of research areas to suggest n...

Mathematical Linguistics
Mathematical Linguistics free pdf by András Kornai (auth.)

Mathematical Linguistics introduces the mathematical foundations of linguistics to computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians interested in natural language processing. The book presents linguistics as a cumulative body of knowledge from the groun...

Dyslexia, Learning, and the Brain
Dyslexia, Learning, and the Brain download pdf by Roderick I. Nicolson, Angela Fawcett

The authors of this slim, highly-readable, and informative volume are themselves researchers in this field. The major point of the book is to present their own comprehensive model of the cognitive underpinnings of reading disorders. In the process, they...

English L2 Reading: Getting to the Bottom
English L2 Reading: Getting to the Bottom free download by Barbara M. Birch

This book is a comprehensive, myth-debunking examination of how L1 features (orthographic system, phonology, morphology) can influence English L2 reading at the ''bottom'' of the reading process. It provides a thorough but very accessible linguistic/psych...

African American English: A Linguistic Introduction
African American English: A Linguistic Introduction epub download by Lisa J. Green

Lisa J. Green's AFRICAN AMERICAN ENGLISH: A Linguistic Introduction caused something of a sensation when it was first published in 2002. Here we have a rigorous, detailed examination of the grammar, lexicon, and sociolinguistics of African-American Vernac...

Romani: A Linguistic Introduction
Romani: A Linguistic Introduction epub download by Yaron Matras

In his book, "Romani: A Linguistic Introduction," Yaron Matras thoroughly covers the Romani ("Gypsy") language to the finest detail: Its origin, grammar, morphology, phonology, along with current dialects and their distributions. Well-written and close to...

G Protein-Coupled Receptors
G Protein-Coupled Receptors epub download by Tatsuya Haga, Shigeki Takeda

Examines current techniques for studying the receptors that activate one of the largest superfamilies of proteins when bound to specific ligands, especially methods related to studies that become possible by the molecular cloning of the receptors. Researc...

IPv6 Essentials
IPv6 Essentials free pdf by Silvia Hagen

IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition provides a succinct, in-depth tour of all the new features and functions in IPv6. It guides you through everything you need to know to get started, including how to configure IPv6 on hosts and routers and which applications...

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High stakes antitrust: the last hurrah?
High stakes antitrust: the last hurrah? epub download by Robert William Hahn, Aei-brookings Joint Center for Regulator

After nearly twenty years of a "less is more" approach to antitrust, the Department of Justice under the Clinton administration took action against several major corporations that rely on financial, transportation, and electronic networks to support their...

HTML Mastery: Semantics, Standards, And Styling
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Why settle for average HTML, when you can become a master of it? Markup is the fabric that holds the web together, but most people only scratch the surface of what can be achieved using (X)HTML.That's where this unique book comes in-it's aimed at web desi...

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An Atlas of Back Pain
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Written by a team of highly regarded scientists with a vast experience of the subject, An Atlas of Back Pain not only explains how to determine the underlying causes of patients' conditions but also describes the various treatment options available. It pr...

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The Concordance Database Manual
The Concordance Database Manual free pdf by Alan Haley

This book discusses how to glean reliable data from paper and electronic documents, how to create a useful Concordance 8.0 database shell, how to load data into that shell using Opticon 3.0, and finally, how to obtain useful search results. Later chapters...

Classification and Clustering for Knowledge Discovery
Classification and Clustering for Knowledge Discovery free pdf by V. Lemaire, F. Clérot (auth.), Dr. Saman K. Halgamuge, Dr. Lipo Wang (eds.)

Knowledge Discovery today is a significant study and research area. In finding answers to many research questions in this area, the ultimate hope is that knowledge can be extracted from various forms of data around us. This book covers recent advances in ...