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๐Ÿ“™ Peroxide Chemistry: Mechanistic and Preparative Aspects of Oxygen Transfer by โ€” free epub

This collection of thirty articles on research projects in all areas of peroxide chemistry, i. e. analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, organometallic, physical, spectroscopic, and theoretical facets, are the result of a multidisciplinary research program funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The emphasis was to lie on the development of environmentally acceptable, selective (chemo-, regio-, diastereo- and enantioselectivity) oxidations. One chapter focuses on industrial applications which have to meet both economical and ecological demands to remain competitive in the future. Latest results on the consequences of lipid peroxidation in age-dependent diseases, which range from Alzheimer and Parkinson disorders to diabetes, rheumatic arthritis, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases are also presented.

Chapter 1 Landmarks in the Development of Organic Peroxide Chemistry (pages 1โ€“38): Manfred Schulz
Chapter 1 Recent Advances in Homogeneous Catalyzed Epoxidations Using Hydrogen Peroxide or tert.?Butyl Hydroperoxide (pages 39โ€“59): Thomas Kratz and Werner Zei?
Chapter 2 Photoinduced Electron?Transfer Reactions of Alkenes and Azide Anions in the Presence of Molecular Oxygen: Formation of 1,2?Azidohydroperoxides and Use As Oxygen?Transfer Reagents (pages 60โ€“77): Axel G. Griesbeck, Jorg Steinwascher and Thomas Hundertmark
Chapter 3 Preparative Use of Peroxidic Oxidants for Oxygen?Transfer Reactions (pages 78โ€“112): Waldemar Adam, Hans?Georg Degen, Aurelia Pastor, Chantu R. Saha?Moller, Simon B. Schambony and Cong?Gui Zhao
Chapter 4 Organosulfonic and Sulfonimidic Peracids โ€“ New Oxidants for Diastereoselective and Enantioselective Oxidations of Organic Substrates (pages 113โ€“127): Manfred Schulz and Ralph Kluge
Chapter 5 Reactive Peroxo Compounds Generated in Situ from Hydrogen Peroxide: Kinetics and Catalytic Application in Oxidation Processes (pages 128โ€“138): Horst Elias and Stephane Vayssie
Chapter 6 Carbonyl O?Oxides and Dioxiranes โ€“ From Laboratory Curiosities to Useful Reagents (pages 139โ€“156): K. Block, W. Kappert, A. Kirschfeld, S. Muthusamy, K. Schroeder, W. Sander, E. Kraka, C. Sosa and D. Cremer
Chapter 7 Formation of Dioxiranes and Singlet Molecular Oxygen by the Ketone?Catalyzed Decomposition of Peroxycarboxylic Acids (pages 157โ€“176): Andreas Lange and Hans?Dieter Brauer
Chapter 1 Age and Age?Dependent Diseases, a Consequence of Lipid Peroxidation (pages 177โ€“208): Gerhard Spiteller, Dieter Spiteller, Wolfgang Jira, Uwe Kie?ling, Angela Dudda, Michael Weisser, Stefan Hecht and Caroline Schwarz
Chapter 2 New Peroxycarboxylic Acids by Lipase Catalysis: Preparation and Oxidation Properties (pages 209โ€“231): Siegfried Warwel and Mark Rusch gen. Klaas
Chapter 3 Transition?Metal?Catalyzed Oxyfunctionalization of Catechol and Flavonol Derivatives (pages 232โ€“248): Florian Schweppe, Holger Sirges, Matthias Pascaly, Mark Duda, Cetin Nazikkol, Werner Steinforth and Bernt Krebs
Chapter 4 Binding and Activation of Dioxygen by Biomimetic Metal Complexes (pages 249โ€“280): Ernst?G. Jager, Jutta Knaudt, Kerstin Schuhmann and Anka Guba
Chapter 5 Transition Metal?Catalyzed Stereoselective Synthesis of Functionalized Tetrahydrofurans (pages 281โ€“300): Simone Drees, Marco Greb, Jens Hartung and Philipp Schmidt
Chapter 1 Metallosalen?Catalyzed Asymmetric Oxygen?Transfer Reaction: Dynamics of Salen Ligand Conformation (pages 301โ€“319): Tsutomu Katsuki
Chapter 2 Transition?Metal Catalyzed Epoxidation of Unfunctionalized Alkenes (pages 320โ€“340): Andreas Scheurer, Paul Mosset, Martina Spiegel and Rolf W. Saalfrank
Chapter 3 Peroxo Complexes of Molybdenum, Tungsten and Rhenium with Phase Transfer Active Ligands: Catalysts for the Oxidation of Olefins and Aromatics by Hydrogen Peroxide and Bistrimethylsilyl Peroxide (pages 341โ€“364): Carsten Jost, Gunter Wahl, Dirk Kleinhenz and Jorg Sundermeyer
Chapter 4 Kinetic Resolution by Jacobsen Epoxidation as an Easy Route to Podophyllotoxin Analoga (pages 365โ€“380): Torsten Linker, Ulrike Engelhardt and Arunkanti Sarkar
Chapter 5 Preparation of Optically Active Hydroperoxides and Their Use for Stereoselective Oxygen Transfer (pages 381โ€“405): Hans?Jurgen Hamann, Eugen Hoft and Jurgen Liebscher
Chapter 6 New Early Transition?Metal Complexes as Homogeneous Catalysts for Olefin Oxidation (pages 406โ€“432): Wolfgang A. Herrmann, Jorg Fridgen and Joachim J. Haider
Chapter 7 Olefin Epoxidation Catalyzed by Molybdenum Peroxo Complexes: A Mechanistic Study (pages 433โ€“453): Werner R. Thiel, Michael Barz, Holger Glas and Anna?Katharina Pleier
Chapter 8 Oxidation Reactions in Perfluorinated Solvents (pages 454โ€“468): Bodo Betzemeier and Paul Knochel
Chapter 9 Transition?Metal Alkoxide?Catalyzed Oxidation of Phenols, Alcohols, and Amines with tert.?Butyl hydroperoxide (pages 469โ€“493): Horst Adam, Karameli Khanbabaee, Karsten Krohn, Jochen Kupke, Hagen Rieger, Klaus Steingrover and Ingeborg Vinke
Chapter 10 Enantioselective Baeyerโ€“Villiger Reactions and Sulfide Oxidations (pages 494โ€“510): Carsten Bolm
Chapter 11 Chiral Pentacoordinated Manganese Complexes As Biomimetic Catalysts for Asymmetric Epoxidations with Hydrogen Peroxide (pages 511โ€“525): Albrecht Berkessel, Thomas Schwenkreis, Matthias Frauen?Kron, Adrian Steinmetz, Norbert Schatz and Jochen Prox
Chapter 12 Photocatalytic Activation of Oxygen by Iron(III)porphyrins (pages 526โ€“541): Horst Hennig and Doritt Luppa
Chapter 13 Oxidation and Oxygenation of Substituted Arenes with Alkyl Hydroperoxides or Dioxygen/Mediation by Schiff?Base Complexes (pages 542โ€“566): Anton Rieker, Stefan Forster and Emerich Eichhorn
Chapter 1 The Nature of the Transition Structures for Oxygen Atom Transfer from Peroxy Acids, Dioxiranes and Chiral Bis(silyl) Peroxides (pages 567โ€“600): Robert D. Bach
Chapter 2 Mechanistic Aspects of Transition?Metal?Catalyzed Olefin Epoxidation from Density Functional Studies (pages 601โ€“619): Notker Rosch, Philip Gisdakis, Ilya V. Yudanov and Cristiana Di Valentin
Chapter 3 Near?UV Photolysis of Singlet Oxygen Generated by Energy Transfer from Aromatic Molecules in Rare?Gas Matrices (pages 620โ€“639): Murthy S. Gudipati, Robert Wagner, Martin Kalb and Andreas Klein
Chapter 4 Transition?Metal Ion Chemistry of Peroxides in the Gas Phase (pages 640โ€“664): Detlef Schroder, Christoph A. Schalley and Helmut Schwarz

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