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πŸ“™ Organic Synthesis Highlights IV by β€” pdf free

Like its three successful predecessors, 'Organic Synthesis Highlights IV' allows an exciting yet brief survey of modern synthetic methods. More than 40 articles - short, precise and topical - give an overview of the most recent developments and trends in the field.

Readers will learn about the key synthetic strategies, new effective methods in enantioselective catalysis, transition metal catalyzed reactions and stereoselective synthesis and applications for the synthesis of natural and non-natural products that are important for their daily work. Much emphasis is placed on referencing in order to make the primary literature easily accessible.

Prof. H.-G. Schmalz carefully selected the contributions with a view to creating an up-to-date and critical survey of the current state of the art in organic synthesis

Chapter 1 Stereocontrolled Simmons?Smith Cyclopropanation (pages 2–10): Julia Schuppan and Ulrich Koert
Chapter 2 Oppolzer Sultams (pages 11–16): Oliver Reiser
Chapter 3 Oxazolines: Chiral Building blocks, Auxiliaries and Ligands (pages 17–25): Martin Glos and Oliver Reiser
Chapter 4 New Strategies to ??Alkylated ??Amino Acids (pages 26–33): Thomas Wirth
Chapter 5 New Sequential Reactions with Single Electron Transferring Agents (pages 34–39): Troels Skrydstrup
Chapter 6 Deracemisation by Enantiodifferentiating Inversion in 1,3? and 1,2?Diols (pages 40–47): Anthony P. Davis
Chapter 7 Non?Biaryl Atropisomers: New Classes of Chiral Reagents, Auxiliaries and Ligands? (pages 48–52): Jonathan Clayden
Chapter 8 Amino Acid Derivatives by Multicomponent Reactions (pages 53–57): Gerald Dyker
Chapter 9 New Polyol Syntheses (pages 58–66): Christoph Schneider
Chapter 10 Stereoselection at the Steady State: The Design of New Asymmetric Reactions (pages 67–70): Thomas Wirth
Chapter 11 Photolysis of Fischer Carbene Complexes (pages 71–76): Oliver Kiehl and Hans?Gunther Schmalz
Chapter 12 Zr?Catalyzed Carbomagnesation of Alkenes (pages 77–82): Florian Blume and Hans?Gunther Schmalz
Chapter 13 Intramolecular Alkoxypalladation (pages 83–90): Oliver Geis and Hans?Gunther Schmalz
Chapter 14 Ring?Closing Olefin Metathesis (pages 91–96): Michael Karle and Ulrich Koert
Chapter 15 Metal?Catalyzed Hydroformylations (pages 97–103): Oliver Reiser
Chapter 16 Rare Earth Metal Catalysts (pages 104–109): Patrick Amrhein and Karola Ruck?Braun
Chapter 17 Dithioacetals as an Entry to Titanium?Alkylidene Chemistry: New and Efficient Carbonyl Olefination (pages 110–115): Bernhard Breit
Chapter 18 New Developments in the Pauson?Khand Reaction (pages 116–122): Oliver Geis and Hans?Gunther Schmalz
Chapter 19 Multicomponent Catalysis for Reductive Bond Formations (pages 123–129): Alois Furstner
Chapter 20 Natural Product Synthesis by Rh?Mediated Intramolecular C?H Insertion (pages 130–135): Douglass F. Taber and Salah?E. Stiriba
Chapter 21 Enantioselective Heck Reactions (pages 136–143): Markus Jachmann and Hans?Gunther Schmalz
Chapter 22 Catalytic Asymmetric Aldol Reactions (pages 144–154): Rolf Krauss and Ulrich Koert
Chapter 23 Binaphthyls: Universal Ligands for Catalysis (pages 155–165): Tobias Wabnitz and Oliver Reiser
Chapter 24 Fluorotitanium Compoundsβ€”Novel Catalysts for the Addition of Nucleophiles to Aldehydes (pages 166–171): Rudolf O. Duthaler and Andreas Hafner
Chapter 25 Enzymes and Transition Metal Complexes in Tandem β€” A New Concept for Dynamic Kinetic Resolution (pages 172–174): Rainer Sturmer
Chapter 26 Non?Enzymatic Kinetic Resolution of Secondary Alcohols (pages 175–181): Peter Somfai
Chapter 27 Copper?Catalyzed Enantioselective Michael Additions: Recent Progress with New Phosphorus Ligands (pages 182–186): Norbert Krause
Chapter 28 C3?Symmetric Ligands for Catalysis (pages 187–193): Mark Mikulas and Karola Ruck?Braun
Chapter 29 Highly Enantioselective Catalytic Reduction of Ketones Paying Particular Attention to Aliphatic Derivatives (pages 194–204): Renat Kadyrov and Rudiger Selke
Chapter 30 Total Synthesis of Ikarugamycin (pages 206–211): Oliver Schwarz and Hans?Gunther Schmalz
Chapter 31 Palladium?Catalyzed Synthesis of Vitamin D?Active Compounds (pages 212–217): Sandra Krause and Hans?Gunther Schmalz
Chapter 32 Syntheses of Oligo(thiazoline) Natural Products (pages 218–231): Sabine Hoppen and Ulrich Koert
Chapter 33 Camptothecin?Synthesis of an Antitumor Agent (pages 232–240): Stefan Baurle and Ulrich Koert
Chapter 34 Polycyclic Guanidines from Nature's Shaped Cations to Abiotic Anion Hosts (pages 241–250): Hans?Dieter Arndt and Ulrich Koert
Chapter 35 Synthetic Access to Epothilones?Natural Products with Extraordinary Anticancer Activity (pages 251–267): Ludger A. Wessjohann and Gunther Scheid
Chapter 36 Total Syntheses of the Marine Natural Product Eleutherobin (pages 268–274): Thomas Lindel
Chapter 37 Selectin Inhibitors (pages 275–280): Markus Rosch and Karola Ruck?Braun
Chapter 38 Crossing the Finishing Line: Total Syntheses of the Vancomycin Aglycon (pages 281–288): Holger Herzner and Karola Ruck?Braun
Chapter 39 An Update on the New Inductees in the β€œHall of Phane”?No Phane, No Gain! (pages 289–300): Graham J. Bodwell
Chapter 40 Well?Rounded Research: Nanotubes through Self?Assembly (pages 301–305): Burkhard Konig
Chapter 41 From Random Coil to Extended Nanocylinder: Dendrimer Fragments Shape Polymer Chains (pages 306–313): Holger Frey
Chapter 42 Combinatorial Methods?Prospects for Catalysis? (pages 314–321): Reinhard Racker and Oliver Reiser
Chapter 43 The Renaissance of Soluble Polymers (pages 322–327): M. Reggelin
Chapter 44 Polymeric Catalysts (pages 328–336): M. Reggelin
Chapter 45 Combinatorial Chemistry for the Synthesis of Carbohydrate/Carbohydrate Mimics Libraries (pages 337–342): Prabhat Arya, Robert N. Ben and Kristina M. K. Kutterer
Chapter 46 Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Polyketides (pages 343–349): Kai Donsbach and Karola Ruck?Braun

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