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Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science by Graham Currell, Antony Dowman — Free book

This book is a completely revised and updated version of this invaluable text which allows science students to extend necessary skills and techniques, with the topics being developed through examples in science which are easily understood by students from a range of disciplines. The introductory approach eases students into the subject, progressing to cover topics relevant to first and second year study and support data analysis for final year projects.

The revision of the material in the book has been matched, on the accompanying website, with the extensive use of video, providing worked answers to over 200 questions in the book plus additional tutorial support. The second edition has also improved the learning approach for key topic areas to make it even more accessible and user-friendly, making it a perfect resource for students of all abilities. The expanding website provides a wide range of support material, providing a study environment within which students can develop their independent learning skills, in addition to providing resources that can be used by tutors for integration into other science-based programmes.

Hallmark Features:

  • Applied approach providing mathematics and statistics from the first to final years of undergraduate science courses.
  • Second edition substantially revised to improve the learning approach to key topics and the organisation of resources for ease of use in teaching.
  • Companion website at providing:
    • Over 200 videos showing step-by-step workings of problems in the book.
    • Additional materials including related topic areas, applications, and tutorials on Excel and Minitab.
    • Interactive multiple-choice questions for self-testing, with step-by-step video feedback for any wrong answers.
    • A developing resource of study plans for useful topics and applications.
    • Figures from the book for downloading.

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