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Commercializing the Stem Cell Sciences by O Harvey — Free book

Promising new developments in biomedical technology such as stem cell science are widely endorsed by governments keen to reduce spiralling healthcare costs, clinicians focused on patient care, and patients demanding revolutionary new treatments. Commercializing the stem cell sciences offers a comparative analysis of the commercial methods adopted in the global stem cell industries. It seeks to establish whether there is an optimum commercial model and to examine what emerging companies can learn from their predecessors. Following an introduction to stem cell sciences and the problems involved in their commercialization, the book begins with a discussion of stem cell treatments from a global perspective, and the role of innovation in the commercialization of biotechnology in general. In the second half of the book, chapters focus on the different strategies that can be employed and their relative risks and values, before a conclusion that looks at potential new developments in the field.
  • In-depth discussion of case studies of products undergoing development
  • Focus on commercial optimization of stem cell treatments
  • Analysis in a global context and covering a diverse range of countries

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