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📙 Applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus by B. R. Mehta, Y. J. Reddy — epub download

A comprehensive and practical guide to the theory, engineering, and implementation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus in process control systems, this book: * overviews the theory of the operations and basic concepts of the Foundation Fieldbus standards. * provides knowledge of the different topologies and installation options available in FOUNDATION Fieldbus standards and their applications for enabling engineers to design control systems to solve industry problems. * includes case studies and practical information about key items to consider when using FOUNDATION Fieldbus-based host systems and field transmitters. * is written by an experienced practitioner from a leading company that was one of the major installations of FOUNDATION Fieldbus. Applying FOUNDATION Fieldbus is a guide for the practitioners of process control systems. This book is aimed at providing the knowledge engineering and maintenance teams require. The technology benefits and areas for improvement are unbiased and from a user's point of view, bridging the gap between theory and technician-level coverage on a practical basis. The book offers a pragmatic approach to the subject based on industrial experience, taking into account the latest technologies and professional practices. Its clear coverage of concepts and applications gives engineers the knowledge they need before referring to vendor documentation, and it includes straightforward guidelines for implementing a process control system with Foundation Fieldbus technology, along with some worked examples of deployments translating theory into practice. This book is an ideal introduction to the subject for junior-level professionals, as well as being an essential reference for more experienced practitioners.

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An algebraic proof of Alon’s Combinatorial Nullstellensatz